Hospital Services Status

Prehospital care continues to grow along with the scope of practice for EMT’s and Paramedics within Pennsylvania. Now more than ever EMS providers need to make informed decisions as to where to transport patients with specific medical emergencies. 

In 2011, EMSI along with Dr Martin-Gill sent out a survey to all emergency department directors within the EMSI 10 county region inquiring specifically of the availability of emergent cardiac catheterization and therapeutic hypothermia and identifying which facilities have these capabilities. The majority of the hospitals did respond and signed off on publishing those results on the EMSI website to serve as a guide for our EMS providers as to what facility offers those services.

The EMSI TQM QI Committee, chaired by Dr Richard Wadas and coordinated by EMSI expanded the list of hospital services to include patients that may be suffering any one of many specialized medical emergencies. Results are entered on a chart and are now available as a guide for all EMS providers within our region to use. This “hospital services chart” will be updated frequently and as needed by EMSI.  Each facility can also request updates to their services information.

Contact Jim Husar ( for additional information. His direct dial is 412/494-5576



All data is provided by the reporting hospital and is displayed here for information purposes only. Services identified on this list may or may not be available 24/7/365 at the discretion of the individual hospitals. All information is subject to change at any time.

(additional data will be added, all responses have not been collected yet)


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