EMS Information Bulletins

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2015 EMS Information Bulletins can be found below under attachments

EMS Information Bulletins

EMS Information Bulletins are informational resources for EMS system participants on recent issues brought to the Department's attention through the Regional EMS Councils. EMS Information Bulletins will be titled and numbered for ease in referencing and may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate links.


2015 EMS Information Bulletins









[file] EMSIB 2014-001 State Recognized CPR Programs.pdf03/05/14 3:49 pm719.87 KB
[file] EMSIB 2014-005 Ebola Treatment Facilities.pdf12/03/14 9:34 am24.13 KB
[file] 2015-003 EMSIB pa doh statewide protocol.pdf05/20/15 9:58 am325.17 KB
[file] 2015-004 AEMT.pdf05/20/15 9:58 am278.43 KB
[file] EMSIB 2015-006 Voluntary Rescue Services Recognition – Water.pdf06/25/15 2:41 pm164.89 KB
[file] 2015-008 EMSIB Triple K - GSA 1822F standards.pdf07/09/15 3:17 pm44.85 KB
[file] 2015-009 EMSIB pa doh AEMT statewide protocol.pdf07/10/15 2:48 pm43.13 KB
[file] 2015-007A EMSIB State Recognized CPR Programs.pdf08/03/15 1:45 pm112.44 KB