Regional Guidance Documents

Several of these documents were developed in an effort to assist EMS agencies in planning. A task force made up of EMS leaders and physicians from across the EMSI Region developed a number of considerations to help guide EMS personnel in various areas of EMS operations, provider safety, and patient care.  Regional Guidance documents are to be used as a reference.

For name changes, address changes, lost and/or stolen certification cards - please complete the Special Request Form (SRF1) and submit to EMSI.

If you received continuing education in New Jersey, you should complete the NJ-PA EMT Con-Ed form to receive credit for those classes.

The Trauma Patient Destination Protocol can be accessed below.

Information on obtaining a CLIA waiver can be found below.

Information on obtaining a PA vanity EMS license plate.

Listing of approved EVOC courses can be found here

Information on establishing an EpiPen program can be found below.

The EMSI Regional ALS Medical List can be found below.

The Special Event EMS Plan can be found below.

The PA EMS Transfer of Care Form is located below.


[file] Severe weather emergencies -5 0.pdf04/12/13 11:54 am42.01 KB
[file] ER dept status policy 2008.pdf04/12/13 11:54 am9.37 KB
[file] West Penn Allegheny Health System Application of Just Culture Principles to Prehospital Provider Discipline.pdf04/12/13 11:54 am70.91 KB
[file] SRF1.pdf04/12/13 3:45 pm27.04 KB
[file] EMS-28 NJ-PA EMT Continuing Education Documentation (2).pdf04/12/13 3:45 pm115.36 KB
[file] Trauma Patient Destination Protocol 12-02-04.pdf04/12/13 3:45 pm107.71 KB
[file] Application for CLIA Certificate of Waiver.pdf04/12/13 3:45 pm208.57 KB
[file] Info Bulletin_11_EMS_License plates.pdf04/12/13 3:46 pm98.09 KB
[file] epipen.pdf04/15/13 10:18 am219.43 KB
[file] EMSI Drug List Jan 2012 final 5.pdf04/15/13 10:26 am228.87 KB
[file] SPECIAL EVENT EMS PLAN2004.pdf04/15/13 2:30 pm115.08 KB
[file] EMS CARE TRANSFER FORM v1 4.pdf04/16/13 1:30 pm33.57 KB