Until now, only hospitals submitting data into ACTION Registry-GWTG have been eligible to achieve Mission: Lifeline recognition. Mission: Lifeline recognition for hospitals is the only AHA recognition program that includes a measure of system performance, moving quality improvement for hospitals to include EMS agency involvement. Developing a quality patient-centered awards program based on ACC/AHA guidelines for EMS was challenging on multiple levels, but it is now a reality.  The Mission: Lifeline EMS Application submission period opened January 1 and will remain open through February 28, 2014.

The Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition Criteria and Measures document is a great one-pager that summarizes the recognition program.

The application steps are really easy.

1)      Review the content and information required to submit in the Mission: Lifeline EMS Application

2)      Organize the information prior to beginning the online application using

a.       EMS/Hospital Feedback Worksheet – Provides a template for follow up data collection on patients treated and transported to a STEMI receiving Center or a STEMI Referring Center.  This worksheet is available for download in PDF and Excel format.

3)      Complete and submit the Mission: Lifeline EMS recognition Application

4)      Expect notification of award achievement in April


For more information please feel free to visit the Mission LifeLine EMS Recognition webpage.


EMSI STEMI Committee Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the EMSI STEMI Committee is to improve the pre-hospital care of the STEMI patient within the 10 county EMSI region. This can be achieved by education of our EMS and pre-hospital providers, upgrading and improvement of EMS ECG and transmission/receiving equipment, and a STEMI Regional Protocol and Guidelines for our EMS Providers to follow.


EMSI STEMI Committee Plan of Action

Every year, almost 400,000 people experience ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction or a STEMI, the deadliest type of heart attack. Unfortunately, a significant number don't receive prompt reperfusion therapy, which is critical in restoring blood flow. Worse yet, 30 percent of STEMI victims don't receive reperfusion treatment at all.


Physio Control Online
American Heart Association online STEMI Training Program

12 Lead ECG Online Course

EMS - 12 Lead Podcast

Physio-Control 12 Lead Tools

ECG Jeopardy Online Game

Physio Control 12 Lead Tools
Physio Control 12 Lead Tools
Physio Control 12 Lead Tools 



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