EMS Preparedness Activities

One of the mandated responsibilities of the Regional EMS Councils is to assist federal, state or local agencies in the provision of onsite mitigation, technical assistance, and situation assessment, coordination of functions or post-incident evaluations in the event of potential or actual disasters, mass casualty situations or other substantial threats to public health.  As part of its fulfillment of these tasks, the Institute actively participates with the Region 13 Task Force, as well as with the Emergency Management officials throughout the Region. 

During the past year, EMS West Staff participated in Task Force and Committee meetings, Table Top Exercises, and Full Scale Field Exercises. EMS West participated on the Medical Subcommittee of the Region 13 Task Force, the MMRS Health & Medical Subcommittee and Steering Committee, the Western Pennsylvania Tactical Medical Support Council, the Allegheny County Local Emergency Planning Committee, and the Allegheny County Citizen Corps Council.

Under the direction of the Department of Health Bureau of EMS, EMS West is well positioned to fulfill its mandate and has participated in the following events:

• Response to Hurricane Irene

• Response to Tropical Storm Lee

• Exercise Operation Runway Overpass

• Baily Mine CONSOL Energy, mine collapse exercise

• Emergency Preparedness demonstration in Westmoreland County

• Emergency Preparedness demonstration in Allegheny County/City of Pittsburgh

• Environmental Support for City of Pittsburgh during two mass gathering events

• Environmental Support for a mass gathering event in Ross Township

• Environmental and Medical Support for the PGA Senior Open

• Environmental Support for Jameson Hospital during a power outage

• Environmental Support at Friendship Ridge Nursing Home during power grid switchover

• Environmental Support for Redstone Highlands Assisted Living Facility

• Supplied Disaster Relief Centers throughout Commonwealth post Irene/Lee

• Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant full scale drill

• Simulated commercial bus accident over hillside utilizing ATVs

• Region 13 Counter Terrorist Task Force Regional Joint Tactical SWAT Exercise/Training in City of