Continuing Education


Continuing Education for pre-hospital personnel is defined in EMS regulations as “learning activities intended to build upon the education and experience of EMS providers and EMSVOs to enhance and strengthen the quality of services provided."

Continuing Education is a method used by many healthcare professionals to maintain licensure or certification.

Continuing education credits in Pennsylvania are categorized as clinical patient care/core and other.

Clinical patient care and other core continuing education courses will be specified in a notice the Department publishes in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

Credit hours will be granted for portions of a course that relate to the prehospital practitioner’s scope of practice.

Continuing Education can be completed in a classroom setting, at our EMS Update conference held annually at Seven Springs or online on the Learning Management System.  Con-Ed requirements must be done BEFORE your expiration date.

No Pennsylvania prehospital practitioner will be awarded CE credit for CPR because the EMS Systems Act specifically requires it.

A practitioner will be granted CE credit for a specific course only once in a certification cycle even if the practitioner has taken the course each year of the cycle.

After reviewing your “status report” from the PA EMS Registry system, you have thirty (30) days to notify your regional council of a discrepancy.

A practitioner who knowingly participates in a fraudulent act by a sponsor, e.g., adding names to the official course roster, will be subject to disciplinary action by the PA Department of Health.

It is your responsibility to keep your name and address current on your EMS Portal account. 

In addition to obtaining the necessary continuing education credits, you must also successfully complete or teach a CPR course approved by PA DOH at least once every two years.

CE credit hours cannot be carried over from one (1) certification period to another. This means that if a practitioner has accrued more than the required number of CE credits for the three (3)-year period, the practitioner cannot apply these hours to the next certification period.


 - Successfully complete three (3) continuing education credits if the registration is on a 3-year cycle and two (2) continuing education credits if the registration is on a 2-year cycle in subjects related to the scope of practice of an EMSVO regarding effective driving of a ground EMS vehicle.


— Sixteen (16) credits every three year registration period

At least twelve (12) credits of the sixteen (16) must be clinical patient care and core education.


— Twenty-four (24) credits every three year registration period

At least eighteen (18) credits of the twenty-four (24) must be clinical patient care and core education


— Thirty-six (36) credits each two year registration period

At least twenty-seven (27) credits of the thirty-six (36) must be clinical patient care and core education


The ConEd by Endorsement process has been established to allow for Pennsylvania EMS Professionals to receive CE Credit for courses that would not normally be registered as ConEd classes. Examples of classes like these are:

  • EMS Related CE Classes taken in other states
  • CE Classes taken through online websites other than the Pennsylvania Learning Management System
  • EMS or Medical conferences and lectures

Please visit and follow the Job Aid for Con-Ed By Endorsement as directed by the Bureau of EMS.

A brochure, detailing the continuing education program and providing additional information on EMS is available below.

Continuing Education Sponsor

Entities and institutions may apply for accreditation as a continuing education sponsor by submitting an application. Ultimately, the Department will grant accreditation to an applicant for accreditation as a continuing education sponsor if the applicant satisfies that the courses the applicant will offer will meet the following minimum standards:
  1. The courses shall be of intellectual and practical content.
  2. The courses shall contribute directly to the professional competence, skills and education of prehospital personnel.
  3. The course instructors shall possess the necessary practical and academic skills to conduct the course effectively.
  4. Course materials shall be well written, carefully prepared, readable and distributed to attendees at or before the time the course is offered whenever practical.
  5. The courses shall be presented by a qualified responsible instructor in a suitable setting devoted to the educational purpose of the course.
    1. Accreditation of the continuing education sponsor shall be effective for 3 calendar years.
    2. At least 90 days prior to expiration of the 3-year accreditation period, a continuing education sponsor shall apply to the Department for renewal of the sponsor’s accreditation. The Department will renew the sponsor’s accreditation if the sponsor meets all of the following requirements:
      1. The sponsor has presented, within the preceding 3 years, at least five separate continuing education courses which met the minimum standards in subsection (a).
      2. The sponsor establishes to the Department’s satisfaction that future courses to be offered by the sponsor will meet the minimum standards in subsection (a).
      3. The sponsor has satisfied its responsibilities under § 1003.32 (relating to responsibilities of continuing education sponsors).
    3. If the Department deems that the continuing education sponsor has demonstrated a history of understanding and compliance with the regulatory standards for providing continuing education to prehospital personnel, the Department may apprise the continuing education sponsor that its accreditation constitutes prior approval of continuing education courses offered under this chapter which are presented in a classroom setting, and permit the continuing education sponsor to assign the number of credit hours for such a course, based upon the criteria in § 1003.31(a) (relating to credit for continuing education).

* All Coned sponsors will be required to have at least 1 person from the sponsor designated as the coned administrator and receive training on the coned system

For questions regarding sponsorship, contact Rich Kaufman or Jackie Taylor.



The PA EMS Registry System is a web-based application where all pre-hospital provider’s certification related information is securely  managed by the PA DOH and is the official record of certification information for providers.

This program includes your official Con-Ed record including CPR dates. Providers now have access to their certification information 24/7.

You can also search for continuing education classes being held in your area. 





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