Job Board

Employment opportunities will be placed at no charge to regional EMS and emergency services organizations and will remain posted for one month.

You can submit your request to our office.

We’re holding our PITTSBURGH Tough Mudder event at Coopers Lake Campground, PA on September 8th & 9th 2018.

If you have already worked on the medical team in the past, we’d love to have you join us once again! 

This is an awesome mud run/obstacle event, and we are looking for EMTs, nurses, lifeguards, and first responders to be a part of our medical team to provide for the safety of our participants. I am hoping we can work with you to help staff this event. We have worked with numerous EMS programs throughout the country, and we can sign off on clinical work hours for students. EMTs, lifeguards and first responders can either volunteer for a free run (good for any Tough Mudder event in 2019) or they can choose to receive a stipend per shift:

  • $150 for EMTs per shift
  • $150 for lifeguards per shift
  • $125 for CFRs (Certified First Responders / CPR Certified) per shift
  • $200 for RNs per shift


*We’re also offering a $20 referral incentive for each person you refer that ends up working with us*

Available shifts

Saturday, September 8th 6am-6pm

Sunday, September 9th 7am-5pm

Please sign up directly using link below: