EMS Instruction

EMS West Regional Educational Institutes

Brockway Ambulance Training Institute   BLS 1147 Cherry St  PO Box 222 Brockway PA  15824 Andrew Sutton  814-265-1212 nre3120505@gmail.com
Butler County Community College (BCCC)



PO Box 1203   Butler, PA. 16003

Kiley Cribbs     724-287-8711           kiley.cribbs@bc3.edu
Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania (CEM) http://www.centerem.org/ ALS and BLS 230 McKee Place Suite 500,  Pittsburgh, PA. 15213 Tom Platt     412-647-4665     plattte@upmc.edu
Citizens Ambulance Service http://www.asmgt.com/ BLS PO Box 237     Indiana, PA. 15701 Harley Fox     724-349-5511     Harleyfox@yahoo.com
Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)



1000 McKee Road, N1200

Oakdale, PA 15071

Rick Hilinski     412-237-2500     FAX 412-237-4628   rhilinski@ccac.edu
Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) http://www.ccbc.edu/ BLS Campus Drive     Monaca, PA. 15061 Kay O'Neill  724-480-3452    ems@ccbc.edu
Duquesne University-Department of Athletic Training http://www.duq.edu/ BLS

600 Forbes Avenue; 124 Rangos Hall

Pittsburgh, PA. 15282

Keith Gorse     412-396-5959     gorse@duq.edu
Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) http://www.iup.edu/IRHS ALS and BLS 2712 West Pike Road, Indiana PA 15701

Chuck Allias    724-357-4051     chuck.allias@iup.edu

Mutual Aid Ambulance Service (MAAS) http://www.mutual-aid.com/ ALS and BLS 561-63 West Otterman Street   Greeensburg, PA. 15601 Brian Kosczuk  724-837-6134 bkosczuk@mutual-aid.com

Penn State University Fayette Campus (PSU)

http://www.fe.psu.edu/ ALS and BLS 2201 University Drive     Lemont Furnace, PA. 15456 Ted Mellors     724-430-4215     tam5@psu.edu
St. Marys Area Ambulance Service   BLS 773 Johnsonburg Rd  St Marys PA  15857 Martin Kim  814-781-1571

Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC)

https://wccc.edu/pages/future-students/continuing-education/ BLS Business and Industry Center Youngwood, PA. 15697 Marc Jackson    724-872-2447 jacksonmac@westmoreland.edu
Western Area Career Training Center (WACTC) http://www.wactc.net/ BLS 688 Western Ave   Canonsburg, PA. 15317 Jeff Wodarcyk   724-746-2890     jWodaroyk@wactc.net


EMS Instructor Information

§ 1023.51. Certified EMS instructors.

 (a) Certification. The Department will certify as an EMS instructor an individual who meets the following qualifications:

 (1) Has completed an application for EMS instructor certification on a form or through an electronic process, as prescribed by the Department.

 (2) Is 18 years of age or older.

 (3) Has successfully completed an EMS instructor's course approved by the Department or possesses a bachelor's degree in education, a teacher's certification in education, a doctorate or master's degree.

 (4) Has provided at least 20 hours of instruction time in an EMS provider educational course monitored by a certified EMS instructor designated by the EMS educational institute's administrative director.

 (5) Possesses current certification as an EMT or higher level EMS provider.

 (6) Possesses current certification in CPR or current certification as a CPR instructor.

 (7) Possesses at least 1 year of experience in providing EMS as an EMT or higher level EMS provider.

 (b) Triennial registration. An EMS instructor certification is deemed registered for 3 years. Thereafter, an EMS instructor shall triennially register the certification by completing a form or through an electronic process, as prescribed by the Department. An EMS instructor shall submit the form or complete the electronic process at least 30 days prior to the expiration of a current registration. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in the EMS instructor certification not being registered again before the prior registration expires. The Department will issue a new registration within 30 days after the EMS instructor completes the form or the electronic process if the information provided establishes that the EMS instructor has met the following requirements:

 (1) Has provided documentation to the Department to establish that the individual conducted at least 60 hours of teaching EMS provider or rescue courses during the previous 3 years.

 (2) Possesses current registration of a certification as an EMT or higher level EMS provider.

 (3) Possesses current certification in CPR or a current certification as a CPR instructor.

To request an EMS Instructor packet, please provide your name and proof of meeting the above requirements and email the information to Richard Kaufman at rkaufman@emswest.org .