Vehicle Checklists and Resources

You may use the following references to assist you with upcoming EMS Agency inspections.

Additional assistance can be obtained by contacting Brian Shaw (412-494-5579), Scott Crawford (412-494-5575) Robert Smith (412-494-5577) or John Weidow (814-834-9213).

Under Act 37 of 2009, QRS agencies transitioned from an agency recognition to an EMS agency license.   Please contact your Regional EMS Council for assistance in applying for this transition.  

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS has released an updated equipment list for EMS vehicles in PA. This list includes QRS, BLS, IALS, ALS, Critical Care, and Air Ambulances. Read more:



File August 1, 2007 revision of Specifications KKK-A-1822F.pdf04/12/13 11:36 am1.94 MB
File Reserve Ambulance Inspection Checklist 07-01-2016.pdf02/10/17 1:32 pm192.09 KB
File Safety Inspection Form EMSI 11.18.16.pdf02/10/17 1:32 pm334.49 KB
File Station Inspection 07-01-2016.pdf02/10/17 1:32 pm298.63 KB
File FictitiousNameFAQ 1.20.17.PDF02/10/17 1:33 pm335.66 KB
File QRS Agency 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:40 pm74.36 KB
File Air Ambulance 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:40 pm151.29 KB
File ALS Ambulance 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:40 pm199.59 KB
File ALS SQUAD 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:40 pm145.56 KB
File BLS Ambulance 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:40 pm167.79 KB
File BLS SQUAD 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:41 pm103.38 KB
File CCT Ambulance 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:41 pm175.54 KB
File IALS Ambulance 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:41 pm189.82 KB
File IALS Squad 09-01-2019.pdf01/22/20 12:41 pm143.91 KB